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Steve's Smoothie

Before I started working with Senyia, I had no idea of the Miracle tree. In the last few months I have heard and seen how Moringa supports the body to heal itself within 30 days. So, I would like to tell you more about this Miracle Tree.

Moringa is a plant from the Himalayas and the Caribbean. Moringa is known as the miracle plant for the 90+ compounds that it has. It provides complete nutrition and is being used as a medicinal source to help reduce pain from arthritis, to lower high blood pressure and heal many more unbalanced  conditions in the body.

My boss, Steve, consumes Senyia Moringa in smoothies and applies Senyia Moringa oil on his knees everyday to support him in his daily runs. When you ask him about the benefits, he always says less pain and more energy. Then he adds, the most fun way to consume Moringa is through his famous smoothie.

So at my request he shared his famous recipe. Here it is, Steven's Moringa Smoothie:

1 cup of Greens (Kale, spinach)

1 Tablespoon of Senyia Moringa Powder

2 Tablespoon 2% fat Greek yogurt

2 tablespoon blueberries*

1 banana

Cinnamon to taste

½ Tablespoon of honey

Add as much as water as you would prefer

*Blueberries can be replace by carrots

I trust that you will enjoy and remember kindness matters.

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