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Why Choose Senyia Moringa?

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Senyia Moringa takes many steps to ensure their moringa products are the most nutritious, highest quality and freshest in the market. From planting and harvest practices, to shipping and packaging processes, Senyia implements multiple techniques along path to bring the best moringa from the farm to you.

 Senyia Moringa is 100% organic moringa oleifera leaf powder.

There are many different species of the moringa plant. Other brands may use other types of moringa with less nutritional value or mix different types of moringa together and claim to be pure oleifera. Also, other brands sometimes grind the stems and other parts of the plant with the leaves which dilutes the moringa content and gives the moringa powder a less vibrant green color. With Senyia Moringa you get 100% pure moringa oleifera leaf. 

 Senyia Moringa is Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy and Nut Free and Caffeine Free.

Senyia moringa is non-GMO so you can be sure you are getting a natural product. Senyia moringa is also gluten free and soy and nut free, so people with these allergies or food restriction do not need to worry. Senyia Moringa provides an all-natural energy boost without any caffeine or sugar stimulants that produce the jittery surge and crash of other energy products. Other brands may introduce additives to their moringa, but not Senyia.

 Senyia works directly with volcanic, eco-friendly, organic moringa farms that are pesticide, herbicide and chemical free.

To ensure the highest quality organic moringa products, Senyia works directly with farmers. The moringa is cultivated naturally using low density organic farming practices. Properly spacing the moringa trees during planting ensures each tree receives enough light and nutrient rich soil to facilitate growth. Other brands will pack their trees tightly resulting in a less quality product more susceptible to insects and diseases.

 Senyia harvests leaves from only young moringa trees which have been shown to contain the highest nutrient levels.

The leaves from young moringa trees have been scientifically proven to contain the highest nutritional value. Senyia harvests leaves from trees no more than 2 meters high, where mature trees typically reach heights of 10-12 meters. Other brands will harvest from older trees where the leaves have lost some of their nutritional potency.

 Senyia dries their moringa leaves slowly using low heat.

Drying the leaves slowly with low heat preserves the vitality and nutrient content of the moringa. Circulated air ensures the temperature is moderated and all the leaves dry evenly. Other brands will speed dry them in high heat which will degrade the leaves and reduce the quality and potency of the moringa.

 Senyia Moringa leaves are flown directly from the farm to our USDA Organic Certified Processing and Packaging facility in California to preserve quality, purity and freshness.

Senyia moringa is shipped via air freight to ensure the freshness of the moringa. When other brands ship via container, it takes much longer and exposes the moringa to a long period of high temperature containers which degrades the quality of the moringa. The Senyia Moringa products are packaged at our USDA Certified packaging facility into specialty light blocking pouches and bottles which prevents degradation and loss of nutritional value.

 Senyia has been proven in lab testing to be superior in quality to other moringa products.

In direct comparison to other competitors Senyia Moringa has been proven to be higher in quality. See the results of the testing below.

 Senyia moringa vs the leading competitor: 

    Nutrient Senyia Leading Competitor





    Vitamin A



    Vitamin B6

    Vitamin C



















    Advanced Laboratories® provides all of our analytical testing.

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