About Us

Senyia was created to provide safe and effective Moringa-based products to Yoga practitioners, teachers and consumers. Our team’s priority is to ensure that they all find natural Moringa-based solutions to their health challenges.  One-hundred percent (100%) pure Moringa provides a valuable nutritional pathway to rejuvenate and heal your body in your journey to spiritual intimacy with the higher self.

We manufacture Moringa-based wellness products that harness Moringa’s rich source of amino acids, anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to create a powerful product mix that are easy to use and affordable as well.

Senyia 100% natural products are sourced from rich volcanic, eco-conscious farms in the Dominican Republic that are pesticide, herbicide and chemical-free. Your entire family can now enjoy the rewards of a healthy, nutritional super food from one plant.  All products are made from the pure Moringa Oleifera (PMK1) leaves, the nutritional storehouse of the plant.

To ensure Moringa’s purity, the fresh Moringa powder are air freighted in temperature controlled containers directly to temperature-controlled USA manufacturing labs. This efficient and temperature-sensitive processing method is responsible for the quality of Senyia products.

Senyia believes in its products. We welcome all Yoga practitioners and friends to experience the benefits offered by Moringa, The Miracle Tree.

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