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About Us

Senyia was created in January 2015 to provide safe and effective Moringa-based products to yoga practitioners, athletes, senior citizens, vegans, individuals with special needs diet, and all those who are in healthier lifestyle journey.

Our priority is to ensure that individuals that are overfed, over drugged and undernourished find the best Organic Moringa-based solutions for their health challenges. We source only from farms that can grow free of pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemicals. We air freight the Moringa powder to USA to ensure the highest quality on our products. That is part of our core values.

Moringa is considered a Superfood due to its concentrations of vitamins, and minerals, plus contains 36 anti-inflammatories and 46 anti-oxidants, all this in higher quantities than any other green, fruit, or vegetable source, providing the body complete nutrition. We believe that the best way for your body to use vitamins, amino-acids and anti-inflammatories is to ingest it from a whole plant product rather than from processed supplements.

Only Moringa and Quinoa are known for having all the 9 essential amino-acids; this fact, positions Moringa-based products as the supplement of choice for vegans and many types of vegetarians and athletes who represent a rapidly growing market, let’s remember that all U.S. organic sales had the record number of $43.3 billion in 2015.

Senyia promises timely supply & delivery of USDA Organic Moringa Powder and Natural Capsules,Tea and Oil to customers. We are developing a new line of Restorative Moringa Teas and Organic Moringa Powders.