Senyia Moringa Starter Kit
Senyia Moringa Starter Kit

Senyia Moringa Starter Kit

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✔ SENYIA MORINGA ORGANIC POWDER Superfood 8oz (224g). The chemically-free leaves are the nutritional powerhouse of the plant providing nutrients that are completely absorbed by your body.

✔ SENYIA MORINGA TEA. 2oz (56g). 100% natural Moringa Oleifera leaves. It refreshes you instantly while keeping you healthy for the day. Sixty servings (I teaspoon 2 servings)

✔ SENYIA MORINGA Capsules.120 (625mg / Capsule). These powerful veggie capsules contain 625mg of the Moringa active ingredient and are the easiest way to consume this super food supplement.

✔SENYIA MORINGA OIL 2oz. - 100% Pure Virgin Cold Pressed. Homeopathic Oil.

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