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Moringa - Managing your Diabetes


"Diabetes" is a scary word for many people, but an unfortunately it is an all-too-common word today. And once you have diabetes, it is a life-long affair. There simply is no cure and the best resort is to manage the condition as well as you can.

Could Senyia Moringa, the 100% pure Moringa brand be the natural answer to managing your diabetes? Let’s find out. 

Diabetes: One Condition – Multiple Impact

Diabetes results when there is excess sugar in your bloodstream. This means that your body, specifically your pancreas and the hormone insulin are inadequate to process blood glucose effectively. 

Unmanaged diabetes can cause severe long-term complications like retinopathy (affecting the eye, leading to blindness), impaired kidney function, cardiovascular complications and many more.

This means that managing diabetes is critical.

Use of Moringa in Diabetes

Moringa supplements have been found to exert a beneficial effect in managing diabetes symptoms. Studies also indicate that Moringa may have a role in diabetes prevention.

Moringa is a powerful storehouse of essential vitamins and minerals. The vitamin A content in Moringa promotes eye health and helps reduce risk of blindness in diabetics. Vitamin C in Moringa works with your body’s insulin and curbs blood vessel damage, which is the precursor to cardiac complications in diabetes.

Vitamin D has been shown to increase the pancreas’s insulin production and studies have shown that low vitamin E concentration is associated with a 3.9% higher risk of developing diabetes. Moringa has a high concentration of both vitamins D and E and therefore has a preventive role in diabetes.

Is There any Proof?

Comparative studies on diabetic rats showed that the blood glucose lowering properties of Moringa were comparable or slightly higher to that of the popular anti-diabetic drug glyzipide. Click here for details of this study and other similar studies.

Is Senyia Moringa the Answer to Diabetes?

Well, frankly there are no concrete human studies and no specific mechanism has been established to explain the anti-diabetic effect of Moringa. But, it is clear that the nutritional power of Moringa and its antioxidant properties DO help in managing diabetes and reducing risks of complications. And Senyia Moringa sources pure Moringa Oleifera that is 100% natural and free from side effects.

So you have nothing to lose in testing Senyia Moringa. But each patient is different and it is best to check with your doctor before starting with Moringa to manage your diabetes. For any assistance or more information on Senyia Moringa, do get in touch with us.

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