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Isoleucine: The Essential Amino Acid That Boosts Your Energy

In our last post, we talked about Histidine, one of the nine essential amino acids. There are 20 amino acids found in the body, 9 are essential because they are not naturally produced by the body. In this post, we are going to talk about Isoleucine which is another essential amino acid.

Isoleucine’s helps the formation of hemoglobin, which regulates blood sugar levels and boosts energy levels. Therefore, it is very helpful for diabetics. Two of the main uses of Isoleucine are in health and sports. “Isoleucine is metabolized in muscle tissue and can enhance energy levels and increase endurance. Athletes and everyone exercising regularly need extra Isoleucine.”- Miracle Tree, Monica Marcus. This is why we recommend the consumption of Isoleucine contained in the Moringa leaves.

How Much Isoleucine does a Person Need to Take?

According to Isoleucine –, a recommended dosage of Isoleucine for adults is 48 mg. Senyia Moringa contains 51 mg of Isoleucine per gram. A Senyia Moringa Capsule contains 31.87 mg of Isoleucine. Taking two Senyia Moringa Capsules daily will cover the recommended dosage of Isoleucine.

Another form to cover your daily dosage of Isoleucine is with Senyia Moringa powder. A teaspoon of Senyia Moringa powder contains 127.5 mg of Isoleucine. Either Senyia Powder or Senyia Capsules is a great choice to supplement your diet.

Which Plant-Based Protein Contains More Isoleucine?

Soy Protein contains 49 mg per gram of Isoleucine. Senyia Moringa contains 51 mg. Senyia Moringa covers the recommended daily dosage of Isoleucine and is the only plant-based protein that contains all nine essential amino acids.


To ensure Moringa’s purity, Senyia’s fresh Moringa powder is air freighted from our farm in temperature-controlled packages directly to our temperature-controlled USA packaging facilities. Other brands ship their Moringa in containers via ocean freight which exposes the Moringa to long periods of heat. The heat dramatically reduces the effect of Moringa’s nutrients. That is just one more reason why Senyia is the perfect supplement for you and your family.

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