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Histidine: One of the Nine Essential Amino Acids

In our last post we talked about protein. Protein consists of amino acids. There are 20 amino acids found in the body, 9 are essential because they are not naturally produced by the body. But what does each essential amino acid actually do? We thought you might want to know. This week we are going to start with Histidine.

Histidine’s role is to help the body recover from illness and allergies. It also has other benefits. Data has shown that the higher the concentration of Histidine in the bloodstream, the shorter the duration of stiffness in the morning. It is also believed that Histidine may increase the body’s resistance to environmental toxins and allergies -  Miracle Tree, Monica Marcus.  Histidine is produced in adults in very small amounts; however, it is not produced in children at all. That is why is important to provide it through the diet.

How Much Histidine Does a Person Need to Take?

According to the study, Recommended Dietary Allowances: 10th Edition, the daily requirement of Histidine for adults is 8-12 mg. For children, it is 28 mg. Children require a higher amount because their bodies do not produce Histidine. Senyia Moringa contains 31 mg of Histidine per gram. A Senyia Moringa capsule taken daily contains 19.38 mg of Histidine which would double the daily requirement of Histidine. One teaspoon of Senyia Powder contains 77.5 mg of Histidine, so Senyia Moringa Powder is a great choice to supplement you child’s diet.

Which Plant-Based Protein Contains More Histidine?

Soy protein contains 26 mg per gram of Histidine. Senyia Moringa contains 31 mg per gram which is 19.23% more than soy. Senyia Moringa is the plant-based protein that contains the highest amount of Histidine. Moringa is the only plant-based protein that contains all other 8 essential amino acids.

Why Senyia?

To ensure Moringa’s purity, Senyia’s fresh Moringa powder is air freighted from our farm in temperature-controlled packages directly to our temperature-controlled USA packaging facilities. Other brands ship their Moringa in containers via ocean freight which exposes the Moringa to long periods of heat. The heat dramatically reduces the effect of Moringa’s nutrients. That is just one more reason why Senyia is the perfect supplement for you and your family.

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