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How a Moringa Banner at the Farmers Market Gave Birth to a New Business Idea - Senyia Moringa Story

Super food, miracle food, super supplement…the names are endless and frankly tedious. It seems that every day, yet another ‘new’ super food catches everyone’s fancy. Aren’t you tired? I sure am.

So when I heard about Moringa, I was quick to dismiss it. But strangely, Moringa did not dismiss me. I mean it was impossible to miss references to Moringa that were popping up all over the internet whenever I conducted any search related to natural foods, wellness, natural healing, pain management, happiness and similar queries. (Incidentally, these terms are related to my profession, as you will soon find out).

The Turning Point

Then I saw it at a local Farmers Market. I sat for an hour listening to buyers rave about Moringa’s beneficial effect on them and their family members. I bought a bottle of capsules for my mother who had arthritis in her feet/ankles and was in much pain. Within a short three days, her pain was gone!

That just triggered something within me. I knew that I had to play a bigger role in making this unique product available to more people, who are grappling with physical pain and experiencing poor wellness levels.

You see, I am a professional Life Coach.  In fact, I see myself as el Happy Coach and I am committed to making the world a happier place – one person at a time. I have developed the concept of el Happy Pill for my corporate and individual clients. El Happy Pill is based on meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi practices and aims to create a sense of harmony, happiness and peace within the individual.

But Pain Kills Peace

When you are in physical, mental or emotional pain, it is very difficult to find peace.

And after seeing the effect of Moringa on my mother, all those conversations I had heard at the farmers market about Moringa came to me. I had a very strong intuition that perhaps Moringa was just the right product to assist in my endeavor to make people happy. It appeared that Moringa supports all of those who are looking for healing, stress management, pain management and an overall sense of wellness.

I decided to get serious and undertook extensive research about Moringa. And I must say, I was astounded by all the verifiable information that was emerging.

The Therapeutic Powerhouse – Moringa

The therapeutic potential of Moringa is immense; it has been found to be useful in the treatment of both diabetes and cardiovascular disorders[1].

Moringa seeds have been found to be effective in reducing the severity and symptoms of asthma[2].

The Moringa leaf has strong antioxidant properties[3], making this supplement one of the best products for weight loss, general detox and for creating an overall sense of wellness.

From all this research and from the local success of King Moringa in the farmers markets, el King Moringa was born. Today, we are known as Senyia. All of our Moringa products are perfectly complementary to my Coaching Vision…Everyone is Happy, Healthy and Free.

Are you looking to be Healthier & Happier? Test Senyia Moringa Now and let me know your experience. Do consult your pharmacist, doctor or other healthcare professional before using the product, especially if you are taking other regular medication. If they have not heard of Moringa, have them research it. And they will discover Moringa just as I did!




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