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Why Senyia Moringa is NOT Just Another Miracle Food

Senyia Moringa stands tall among all the other so-called super foods and supplements.

While other supplements may support weight loss or help manage or treat a particular medical condition, very few of them offer the comprehensive benefits that Moringa does.

Read on to find out why Senyia Moringa is not just another ‘miracle’ food.

1.It has Nutritional + Medicinal Value

Senyia Moringa is filled to the brim with essential vitamins such as vitamins A and C, contains calcium, potassium and more than 90 essential vitamins and minerals, which together fulfill your body’s nutritional requirements, keeping you fit and energetic[1].

Moringa also has medicinal properties and is found to be useful in the management of high blood pressure, gastric ulcers and several other serious and chronic medical conditions[2].

2.It Helps You Look Good + Feel Good

Due to its high nutritional value, Senyia Moringa increases your energy levels, keeping you active throughout the day. Your capacity for exercise increases, so that you feel physically fit, and come close to your ideal body weight.

Because it contains tryptophan[3], the precursor for producing feel-good hormones in your body, regular intake of Moringa makes you more relaxed, happy and stress-free than you’ve ever been. In fact, these hormones are also responsible for peaceful uninterrupted sleep, which is crucial for good health.

3.It is the Modern ‘Love Pill’

Is love the panacea for all ills? Perhaps not, but love and loving relationships definitely give you the courage to face life’s problems successfully. 

Senyia Moringa might as well be the modern love pill as studies are now confirming its aphrodisiacal properties. In a study conducted and published at a leading research institute in India, Moringa was seen to increase sexual behavior in rats[4].

This scientific study concluded that administration of Moringa extract to Male Albino Rats significantly increased the Mounting Frequency, Ejaculation latency with reduction in Post Ejaculatory Interval. It also significantly increased the libido and sperm count in experimental animals. The extract was also observed to be devoid of any adverse effects and acute toxicity. The results of the study demonstrate that aqueous extract of M. oleifera seed enhance sexual behaviour in male rats.

Similar studies conducted in Universities of Philippines [5] in common mice (Mus Musculus), and Nigeria with Rabbits have very similar conclusions [6], given to different lab animals it has enhanced their immunity, serum protein synthesis and reproductive performance.

Besides, it contains certain compounds called saponins, which are known to support libido and stabilize levels of male sex hormone testosterone [7].

Senyia Moringa – the PLUS Food

While other so-called super foods are limited in their benefits, Moringa offers so many pluses.

To avail yourself of the benefits of this plus food for yourself, place your order now.








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