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What's that Glow – Is it Love…No It’s Moringa

If I recommended a particular product for your skin and promised that it would rejuvenate your skin cells like never before and transform you into a glowing beauty, would you believe me? Maybe not!

But something tells me that I can actually convince you. I have just the right information to share with you. Curious? Read on to find out more.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Moringa from Senyia. Also called the Miracle Tree or Tree of Life, Moringa is truly one of nature’s gifts to mankind.

The leaves, fruits, flowers, bark, pods and roots of Moringa are beneficial like no other plant and in unprecedented ways[1].

Is it Love? No It’s Moringa

Love, they say, brings a glow to your face. (Well at least in the initial days of courtship and during the honeymoon). 

So when you see your neighbor’s radiant and glowing complexion, don’t jump to conclusions! For all you know, the smart lady is probably taking Moringa supplements.

Moringa – a Potent Source of Antioxidants

What do you think can make you skin look beautiful? Wouldn’t it be something that can remove and eliminate all of its impurities and blemishes? In other words, an anti-oxidant

Are you amazed to learn that Moringa has 46 types of antioxidants[2]Moringa that is taken in any form, as tea, powder or capsules, converts into ‘killer’ mode inside your system, blasting away the damage causing free radicals, which are responsible for, among many things, the dull look of your skin.

Moringa has unparalleled antiseptic properties too – the ability to heal infections[3]. This comes quite handy in healing your skin in every possible way. It not only repairs your skin, but can also heal and cure difficult skin-related ailments like dandruff, athlete’s foot and most other skin disorders.

Most importantly, Moringa contains all the 8 essential amino acids that our body requires but cannot produce on its own. These are essential for growth, repair and maintenance of cells. And hence, for a glowing, beautiful skin.

So, what do you think will work better for your body? A plethora of chemical-filled cosmetics and drugs or an innocent, yet powerful 100% natural plant extract with the capacity to outsmart any such cosmetic or drug? And perhaps even love.

Try Moringa from Senyia today and experience the difference yourself.




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