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The Perfect Partners – Yoga and Senyia Moringa

When Yoga is a way of life for you, you automatically gravitate towards natural remedies for the various day to day problems that you may encounter in life.

I use the term ‘perfect partners’, because Moringa and Yoga perfectly complement each other. What Yoga facilitates for your mind and body, Moringa reinforces nutritionally. Here are two examples:

  1. Did you know Senyia Moringa & Yoga can help you lower blood pressure?

Studies have shown beneficial effect in people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and other chronic conditions. See, for example the article Therapeutic Potential of Moringa Oleifera Leaves in Chronic Hyperglycemia and Dyslipidemia has shown that Moringa contains components that have hypotensive properties.

"When diabetics switch from a high carbohydrate/low fat diet to a high fat diet this process can lower their blood sugar levels so much that they require less insulin injections. For them and for anybody else, it is worth taking a good look at oleic acid and replacing the sutured fats with a plant (Moringa) oil rich in oleic acid." - Miracle Tree, Monica Marcus.

If you have been practicing yoga you know that breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can reduce stress levels and help lower your blood pressure. 

“Moringa, with its high potassium component, is involved in nerve and brain functions, muscle control and blood pressure.  Potassium lowers blood pressure, acting as an antagonist [opponent] of sodium” - Miracle Tree, Monica Marcus

  1. How about creating Glowing Skin with Yoga & Senyia Moringa?

Specific asanas in Yoga such as the Fish Pose or the Plow Pose can increase blood circulation to the face, imparting a healthy glow to your skin.

Moringa has 46 antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body. This strengthens your body to become more efficient, amplifying the effects of your yoga practice, while supporting the glow of your skin.

Partner up with Senyia and multiply the benefits of Yoga in your life. Click here to Strengthen Your Life with Senyia Moringa.

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