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Yoga and Senyia Moringa Diabetes Management – Make Your Life SWEET

The use of Moringa as a natural alternative for diabetes management is gaining prominence with several scientific studies establishing a link between the two. This study, which compared the anti-diabetic activity of various plants places Moringa near the top.

Diabetes and Moringa

The plant is power packed with essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids, which help manage diabetes in the following ways.

The vitamin A component of Moringa protects the eye from diabetic damage. Moringa’s vitamin E component boosts the pancreatic insulin production; thus regular consumption of a high quality 100% pure Moringa supplement like Senyia's Moringa may have a role in diabetes prevention too.

Are you taking your regular dose of Moringa?

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition and has no cure. Your best bet is to manage the condition well, using a multi-pronged approach.

Yoga should be an integral part of this approach.

Does Yoga Help Manage Diabetes?

Most patients experience a decrease in their blood glucose levels with consistent practice of Yoga. Though there is not enough evidence to suggest that Yoga can replace your regular medication in diabetes management, there is definitely a positive correlation between the two.

Regular practice of Yoga improves your metabolism, and poor metabolism is the underlying causative factor for type II diabetes, the most common form of diabetes in the U.S. Thus Yoga helps you manage diabetes better.

Get Set for a SWEET Life

Make Senyia Moringa a part of your regular routine, just like Yoga is, and get double the benefits in your diabetes management. Here is how both Yoga and Moringa together help you get a SWEET life by trumping over diabetes.

S – Both relieve Symptoms of diabetes

W – Both facilitate Weight loss, which helps in diabetes management and even prevents diabetes.

E- Energy levels remain consistently high with Yoga and Moringa

E- Both are Effective natural means to manage diabetes, with no harmful chemicals.

T- Both are Tried and Tested solutions

Senyia is available in the form of capsules, powder and tea, and you can place your order right here.

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