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Go Natural with Kundalini Yoga and Moringa

The 21st century along with the newest forms of technology and modernization, brought along with it, a fast paced life. You have absolutely no time to spare, but remember, it is important that your mind gets ample time to de-stress. Only then can you remain mentally healthy.

It is easy to be pulled in with the rush of the many things to do in a day, and not find time to let your body and mind rest. Take time out. Yoga is a powerful solution.

Explore Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga can be explained as a method or form of yoga that aims to awaken the spiritual energy within you. It is believed that this force or vital energy is coiled up like a snake at the end of the spine, and when awakened, can branch out into the body to create a sense of purity, and cleanse the mind of all harmful elements.

Kundalini Yoga involves specific asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation that bring a sense of enlightenment and peace. In this style of Yoga, importance is given to postures that include the palms and feet being open to cool or warm breeze.

It is popularly called the Yoga of ‘awareness’, where you become aware of and awaken the energies inside you.

Impact of Kundalini Yoga Practice

Regular practice of this Yoga form keeps you connected to your true self. You feel pure and peaceful from within, and that feeling translates into a desire to live your life surrounded and touched only by natural products. Even for something as simple as a headache, you will ditch the allopathic painkillers and look for natural alternatives.

The Answer is Moringa…

The Moringa oleifera tree is one of nature’s most beneficial gifts to the human mind and body. Every part of this plant is useful in some way. Fortified with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more, it is just the right natural supplement you need to awaken your dormant internal energy.

Senyia tells you all you need to know about Moringa. Our wide range of Moringa products – powder, capsules, tea, and oil help you get the maximum out of this natural supplement.

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