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Moringa – The ‘Outside’ Story: Benefits of el Senyia Moringa Soap Revealed

When we think about health, the first few things that come to our mind are morning walks/jogs, a balanced diet or perhaps even the gym. But, is that all? You might want to give it another thought; everything mentioned above takes care of our internal system. What about the exterior? Our skin is also important when it comes to good health.

The health benefits of Moringa are well known. Moringa supplements, when consumed as powder, capsules or tea, help to alleviate conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis. But did you know that Moringa is also beneficial outside the body?

Say hello to el Senyia Moringa Soap. This product exploits the potential of Moringa to ensure that your skin is flawless and infection free.

Why Moringa Soap?

Pathogenic bacteria, that are responsible for several life-threatening infections, can also cause severe skin infections. A 2012 study conducted by Nigerian researchers established the anti-bacterial action of Moringa leaves extract such pathogens as E.coli and S.typhi. Hence, this soap plays a role in treating bacterial skin infections. Moringa’s ‘miracle’ leaves are replete with vitamins, zinc and iron, elements essential to help the body fight bacteria and fungi.

Moringa leaves contain a fascinating element called ‘Zeatin,’ that is known to accelerate cell division and growth. The anti-ageing properties of Zeatin make Moringa truly incredible. In 2005, Rattan and Sodagam researched Zeatin and established both its youth-preserving properties and its lack of toxic effects. Other benefits of Moringa soaps are is their potential to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and ability to help you attain a smooth, radiant complexion.

For your skin to look good and feel healthy, the outer layer of dead cells needs replacement by fresh new cells. Moringa soaps cleanse your skin and keeps pores from becoming clogged by these dead cells.

Is this Soap for You?

Moringa soap is completely natural and free from side effects. Studies have shown that Moringa leaves contain 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory elements and 18 amino acids. So, this soap offers nothing but the best to your skin.

We, at Senyia Moringa, are very careful when it comes to your health and that of your family. That’s why we make sure that our Moringa is naturally grown in Santo Domingo and air-shipped for processing, maintaining the highest levels of quality.

Naturally glowing, infection-free skin is now only a click away. Click here to buy el Senyia Moringa soap online. Experience the power of nature at your fingertips and on your skin.

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