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Senyia – One Plant, Multiple Forms, Multiple Benefits

Moringa, or the ‘miracle tree,’ is a plant, naturally found in the Himalayas. The medicinal benefits of this plant are immense, and it has far-reaching effects on the body. Leading research and health institutions around the world are now considering this plant as a revolutionary new cure in the treatment and prevention of chronic conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis.

The Power of Senyia Moringa

Senyia Moringa is a power-packed means to build holistic health. This 100% pure Moringa product contains a wide range of nutrients such as iron, vitamins D, B, and C, proteins, amino acids, and beta-carotene. Fortified with over 36 anti-inflammatory compounds and 46 different types of antioxidants, Moringa fights free radicals that destroy and damage cells in the body.

100% natural, with no side effects, Moringa is a storehouse of benefits. Click here to read scientific studies that establish the specific medicinal and therapeutic properties of Moringa, including its role in management of diabetes and cholesterol. The studies also establish that Moringa has no significant side effects at the recommended dosage.

Rich in fiber and minerals, Senyia Moringa is a safe and natural alternative that also goes far to promote metabolism, increase energy, and build immunity.

Senyia Products – Multiple Form…Multiple Benefits

Senyia Moringa is available in different forms such as tea, capsules, powder and oil. Each product is infused with the natural richness of the herb.  You may choose what form you prefer.


A fascinating drink can be prepared with this powder, with just a tablespoon per cup. A quarter pound should last 4-6 weeks and may be added to fruit juices, smoothies, salads, soups and stews.


Also known as the Moringa Veggie Caps, these powerful capsules contain 625mg of the Moringa active ingredient. 2-4 capsules per day is the recommended dosage for enhanced energy levels throughout the day.


When made into a bio-tea that is a powerful source of nutrients and minerals, Senyia Moringa tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold. It contains 60 servings.


Moringa seed oil has high oleic content. It is nondrying and has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. A natural moisturizer, the oil may be used to cure rashes and itching. Only a small portion is enough to make all the difference and it is absorbed quickly into the body.


To choose your favorite Senyia product, click here. Welcome to the world of Moringa the world of multiplied benefits.

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