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The Gifts of the Moringa: Nutritional Value of the Miracle Plant

Moringa is a plant that offers very high nutritional value. It contains several amino acids, proteins, and vitamins, important for the optimal functioning of our body.

The tiny leaves of Moringa have the ability to save millions of lives all over the world.

Here is a quick look at the nutrients present in this miracle leaf that is now making waves all over Western society.


Moringa leaves are said to have 9 times the amount of protein that yogurt provides. That in itself should tell you which is the better one of the two. Cut down on yogurt and go all out with Moringa. Protein is an essential nutrient for your body.


Moringa happens to contain 17 times the amount of calcium that a glass of milk holds. From the time you were little, you were forced to drink milk for the calcium it would give your body, no one ever told you about Moringa, but now you know. Take full advantage of the calcium this leaf brings.

Arginine and Histidine

Arginine and Histidine are two amino acids that are important to new born infants. These nutrients are essential for the body to build the necessary proteins required to carry out various functions.


Moringa leaves contain 25 times more iron than spinach leaves. Although the body finds it difficult to absorb iron from leaves, the fact remains that Moringa is rich in iron. Iron is an important nutrient in the body, especially in the blood. A lack of enough iron causes anemia and other iron deficiency conditions.

Chromium, Manganese, Potassium, Copper, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, and Zinc are some other nutrients that Moringa contains. Moringa is rich in so many nutrients that are essential to your growth and health that you must make it a point to include it in your diet.

This research paper compiled by the prestigious Johns Hopkins School lists the various nutritional and medicinal benefits of Moringa.

As a yogi, you are on the lookout for natural products that bring health and harmony to your system. And Moringa tops that list.

Indeed, Moringa offers a number of gifts to mankind. Senyia products to avail these gifts to enhance your life.

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