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The All-Giving Moringa- Choose Senyia and Make a WISE Choice

The Moringa plant is truly one of the biggest miracles nature has presented us with. With so many benefits, this wonder plant allows man to use every part of it for his convenience. Right from a bud to a flowering plant, every part of the Moringa plant is a reliable medicinal resource.

From purifying water to purifying the skin, this plant performs functions that not many plants of the green world can.

In fact, by choosing to incorporate Senyia Moringa into your daily life, you are making a WISE choice.

W - Water Purification

After separating the Moringa seeds from the kernel, crush the kernel. Mix this powder with a cup of water and then run this mixture through a tea strainer or a muslin cloth. Add the resulting white, milky solution to the water you wish to purify. Stir the mixture quickly for 30 seconds and then slowly for 5 minutes. The impurities will now settle to the bottom of the container.

Around 50-150 grams of ground Moringa kernels can treat 1 liter of water.

I- Instead of a Mid-wife…

Moringa is an acting mid wife. It is very helpful to pregnant women and increases breast milk production, allowing mothers to provide nutrition to their new born infants.

S- Stomach Solutions

Moringa is also useful in treating stomach related problems. From flushing toxins away from the stomach, to helping digestion as also getting rid of diarrhea, this plant is all solving. Non human studies have shown that Moringa leaves help heal gastric and duodenal ulcers.

E- Eating Right

The leaves of the Moringa can also be used in cooking, just like spinach. Its nutrients can be ingested by cooking it as a vegetable dish. Allow your family to indulge in a delicious, healthy dish of Moringa.

Just as the acronym goes, it’s ‘WISE’ to choose Moringa for daily living. Buying Senyia Moringa capsules, powder or oil is very easy and we ensures speedy Home delivery. Senyia products are well tested and packed in a FDA Accredited Laboratory in the United States.

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