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Intensify the Power of Your Kick with King Moringa

Moringa Oleifera is new to the Western world but it already has an impressive reputation in the Asian world. The ancient tree is highly prized for its leaves, pods, and roots and it is considered a ‘Miracle Tree’ due to its tremendous nutritional value. However, one of the hidden benefits of the tree is that it provides an energy boost that could prove invaluable to athletes. 

Moringa and Its Impact on Body Energy Levels 

The Moringa tree is a complete package of vitamins, minerals and bio-active compounds. Every part of the tree is useful and the tree has been used to a nutritional supplement in nearly every Asian culture. Moringa also seems to provide a valuable energy boost due to the interaction of its ingredients in the human body.  

According to a study, a regular intake of Moringa increased levels of ALP or alkaline phosphatase, decreased triglyceride levels, increased hemoglobin levels, increased hematocrit and mean corpuscular hemoglobin levels. This meant that a regular intake of Moringa resulted in an alleviation of anemic, increased energy levels and helped prevent lipid peroxidation processes that damaged muscle tissue. The increased hemoglobin content of blood would result in more oxygen being delivered to muscles during workouts and it would increase metabolic rates to burn body fat as well.  

Athletes and sportsmen could also benefit from the increased nutrition present in a King Moring supplement. Moringa contains an incredible amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These vital amines work with antioxidants to prevent damage to the body muscles. As a result, athletes could expect better muscle tone and increased endurance during workouts and competitions 

Most athletes use a mix of synthetic sports supplements and sports drinks to boost their nutritional intake but King Moringa is a simpler alternative as it contains no sugar, no caffeine, no artificial color, fragrance, or preservatives. As a result, Moringa supplements could provide everything that an athlete requires to boost their health and performance.  

Finding the Right Moringa Supplement 

Most Moringa supplements contain dry, powdered Moringa leaf. This is important as Moringa leaf retains its nutritional value even when dried. Avoid supplements that contain added herbs and preservatives as they may interfere with the absorption process. A total dose of 2500mg daily is considered optimum to boost energy levels and provide the recommended daily allowance for an adult.

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