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The Green Way to Keep You Going on the Basketball Court - Moringa from Senyia

 Moringa is a plant with substantial nutritional value. For centuries, the skinny tree and its seed pod were used to boost health and treat diseases. Moringa supplements are now recommended to help with malnutrition and to deal with simple health conditions. The simple tree can also provide a valuable energy boost for athletes by packing nutrition, bioactive compounds, and energy boosters in the same simple capsule.  

This is particularly true for basketball players. According to a study, there are more than 26 million basketball players in the US and almost 30% of them compete at a local or national level. It is a contact sport that involves jumping, running, and pushing; and injuries are common. In fact, most basketball players experience at least one form of joint injury or muscle damage that may affect their career. As a result, anything that can give them a competitive edge in the sport, while reducing the possibility of injuries, will be highly welcomed by athletes.  

How Does Moringa Influence Energy Levels?  

For athletes, performance is based on body health. Body health is based on nutrition and this is where Moringa adds lots of value. According to researchers, the plant contains more than 90 different vital amino acids, minerals and bio-active compounds that can benefit the body. These ingredients also actively encourage the formation of red blood cells, increased hemoglobin formation and normalize the ATP pathway in the body. Due to these effects, athletes may experience increased blood flow, better muscle oxygenation, and improved endurance. As blood flow to the muscles increases, athletes can work harder and perform better.   

Moringa also contains vital amino acids like isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, and tryptophan which  

  • boost the immune system,  
  • increase the formation of collagen and elastic (found in muscle),  
  • increase calcium absorption for muscle contraction,  
  • build proteins and enzymes,  
  • ensure coordinated muscles and a sharp mind 

All of these actions could result in improved muscle action and better performance in athletes of any sport.  

Using Moringa the Right Way 

Millions of basketball players compete in the US, but only about 2000 of those players actually become professional. As a result, amateurs basketball players should consider adding Moringa from Senyia to their diets to elevate their performance and endurance, prevent injuries, and ensure a successful career in their favorite sport. 

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