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Does Your Child Need Essential Amino Acids?

Almost every part of the human body contains amino acids derived from dietary proteins. These acids are shuffled together in different combinations to make bone, hair, muscles, and skin. Most adults consume a sufficient amount of protein in their daily diet but growing children require more protein. The increased amino acid requirement is necessary to facilitate mental development, and to manufacture new cells for physical growth.   

How Much Protein and Amino Acids Do Children Need.  

Dietary protein is our primary source of amino acids. Children in the one to 15 age groups require an average of 13 to 34gms of protein everyday to ensure optimum growth. We usually consume sufficient protein in the form of meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs and cheese. The human body requires 20 different types of amino acids. Some of these acids are derived from dietary protein, while the human liver manufactures the rest. Nine of these amino acids are vital for growth and development. However, dietary protein sources may not contain all the amino acids we need. 

Balancing Protein Intake 

Because protein is so essential to growing children, parents do make the mistake of adding too much meat protein to their children’s diets. Nutritionally, this is not a good idea. Protein contains fats that will raise the body’s cholesterol content. At the same time, excess dietary protein will result in a condition called deamonization in which the kidneys convert dietary protein into energy. This condition eventually damages the kidney and can result in long-term health conditions. Balancing the amount of plant protein and meat protein in your child’s diet is a far better idea. Moringa forms the perfect plant source of proteins and amino acids.  

Natural Sources of Amino Acids 

Moringa is a vital source of nutrition in African countries and it is frequently used to treat malnutrition in children. Instead of providing your child supplements, parents can buy Moringa leaf powder from a reliable company like Senyia and add it to milk shakes, vegetable casseroles, and other dishes to boost growth and improve overall health. Not only does this solve the problem, but it also ensures that your child is getting the ideal amount of amino acids for their needs.   


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