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Leucine: The Essential Amino Acid for Yoginis and Yogis.

At this point we know that amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are 20 amino acids in the body and 9 of them are essential. This is our third week talking about each essential amino acid. We trust that you found Histidine and Isoleucine information valuable. This week we cover Leucine.

Leucine main role is to help protect and build muscles, and enhance energy levels. Leucine is also known to promote bone, skin and muscle tissue healing. Leucine proprieties are very helpful for those recovering from injuries or surgeries. “During training, [Leucine] enhance muscle-protein metabolism, decrease exercise-induced protein degradation, and support oxidative metabolism in muscles during strenuous exercise.” - What Are the Functions of Leucine? By Alison Darro. These are only a few reasons why Leucine is beneficial to consume daily by yogis and athletes in any sport.

How Much Leucine Does a Person Need to Take?

According to the book Miracle Tree, by Monica Marcus, the recommended dosage of Leucine for adults is 66 mg. Senyia Moringa contains 98 mg of Leucine per gram. Moringa is the only plant-based protein that contains the highest amount of Leucine. A Senyia Capsule contains 61.25 mg of Leucine.

Another option that Senyia provides to cover your daily dosage of Leucine is with Senyia Powder. A teaspoon of Senyia Moringa Powder contains 245 mg of Leucine. All Senyia products are a great choice for those who want to supplement their diet with Leucine.

Which Plant-Based Protein Contains More Leucine?

Soy protein contains 82 mg per gram of Leucine. Senyia Moringa contains 98 mg. Senyia Moringa covers and exceeds the recommended daily dosage of Leucine and it is the plant-based protein that contains the highest amount of Leucine. 


Senyia fresh Moringa powder is air freighted from our farm in temperature-controlled packages directly to our temperature-controlled USA packaging facilities. We guarantee Senyia, which stands for Serenity, Energy, Natural, Yogic, Integral and Aliveness of all our products.  In addition, you will benefit from all the following:

  • Free from GMO’s, Additives & Caffeine
  • Moringa Gives Body Complete Nutrition
  • 18 Amino Acids, 36 Anti-Inflammatories, 46 Anti-Oxidants, Minerals, Vitamins
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