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Moringa: the All-Natural Energy Boost

Feeling tired is an annoying part of modern life. It feels like everyone is always busy and a full night sleep does not always fit into the equation. Whether it is from working late, or binging the latest Netflix release, or thumbing through Instagram you feel the sleep deficit all throughout the day. You wake up tired, drag into work, feel that early afternoon slump or hit the wall if you try to get in a workout. Many of us turn to coffee, tea or another caffeinated drink for the necessary boost. Sometimes fatigue is not from lack of sleep or a lack of trying to get enough sleep, but from an unrelated condition like sleep apnea, anemia, or countless other reasons.

Well moringa is a natural way to get a pure organic energy boost without relying on caffeine. Since it is all natural it provides non-stimulant energy though a unique set of nutrients that increases energy. Here is how:


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Vitamin C - The vitamin C in moringa provides a boost to your immune system and can help in the defense against illness which usually carry fatigue symptoms. Also vitamin C taken before workouts has been shown to boost performance and reduce the feeling of fatigue during the workout.

Calcium - Calcium is one of the most common and vital minerals in the body and is involved in bone health, and the function of muscles. Low calcium can result in depression which often coincides with feelings of fatigue. Moringa can help prevent calcium deficiency.

Iron - Moringa contains a high level of iron which is essential for red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body. Low iron levels causes fatigue, so the iron in moringa can prevent the deficit from occurring.

Protein - Protein is key to building and maintaining tissue and muscle in your body. Too little protein will result in weakness and can hurt the body’s immune response system. Senyia Moringa is one of the only plant based source of complete protein containing all of the essential amino acids.

With Senyia Moringa you get a combination of nutrients that provide energy and stave off fatigue in multiple ways. You get a natural plant based delivery which is more slow acting than other common stimulants so you should not experience the jittery feeling of caffeine or the surge and crash of sugar. Everyone is unique and fatigue can present in countless ways. Why not give Senyia Moringa a try and see if it is right for you?

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