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How Senyia Moringa Helps you Combat High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the silent killer. It increases the risk of heart attacks, kidney failure, stroke and several other conditions. 

High blood pressure is your companion for life as it has no cure. But you don’t have to live a compromised life. With the right lifestyle choices, medication and supplements, you can lower your blood pressure and lead a balanced, healthy and energetic life.

Of late, evidence is emerging that the miracle plant Moringa has a role to play in reducing high blood pressure. Let’s sift through the evidence, shall we?

Use of Moringa in High Blood Pressure

The popularly quoted statistic that Moringa contains more potassium than bananas actually comes from studies conducted by the highly reputed Tree for Life organization

And this property of Moringa makes it a potent hypotensive. High blood pressure results from excessive sodium, which prevents the kidneys from effectively draining fluids from the blood. Consequently, blood volume increases, exerting more pressure on the blood vessel walls, increasing blood pressure.

Potassium is an important component in this process as it restores the delicate balance by promoting excretion of sodium. Thus, Moringa with its potassium concentration reduces sodium retention, which automatically lowers blood pressure.

Stress induces high blood pressure. Moringa constituents has been shown to promote sleep and relax your body. This effect reduces the risk of high blood pressure significantly.

Consuming Senyia Moringa capsules or using the powder mixed with water or yogurt are ideal ways to use Moringa. For tea drinkers,  Senyia Moringa tea is a wonderfully healthy option for your morning cup.

Supporting Studies

If you look online, there are testimonials galore from people who are extremely happy with how regular Moringa usage has brought down their blood pressure. While testimonials are great, we at Senyia, always strive to provide you with scientific studies.

This study, published in the Journal of Natural Medicine, acknowledges the hypotensive (blood pressure lowering) effect of the Moringa leaf extract. The study further isolated from the Moringa extract, certain chemical compounds with proven hypotensive activity.

Senyia Moringa for Blood Pressure

Senyia Moringa contains 100% natural pure Moringa Oleifera powder. We air ship our Moringa for processing, testing & packaging, so its quality and potency remain intact. You can buy Senyia products from our website at attractive prices and get started on your journey towards a healthy and energetic life.

However, we do recommend that you check with you doctor before starting with Moringa specifically for blood pressure management. After all, your doctor knows you best.

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