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Moringa and its benefits against covid-19

Currently, there is a pandemic in the world due to a virus called COVID-19, this virus attacks until it becomes deadly and there is still no cure, at the moment people are looking for food that will help their immune system because It is the only defense of the body that is why people are using moringa with which nutrients are obtained and defenses which support the immune system. 

But what is moringa: moringa is a plant that can occur in tropical or subtropical environments and that appears in the subcontinent, this plant can be used in different ways which can be medicine, food, and protein, it is said that everything about this plant is consumable as are its roots, its flowers and its leaves which are full of minerals.  

Give way to moringa and let it help in your life and in your body, it is something natural that helps you feel good and that can help make your body and your defenses much stronger against Covid-19. In several countries, it is considered a superfood that has 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory ingredients, and 18 amino acids, which efficiently correct nutrient deficiencies and boost immune systems

Moringa seeds contain almost 30-40% edible ‘ben oil’ that can be used for dressing salads or cooking. Ben oil is highly resistant to rancidity and provides substantial quantities of tocopherol, sterols, and oleic acid. Moringa oil also has several industrial applications such as in the manufacturing of perfumes, lubricants, and paints.

Moringa started to gain profits today because some people started using it and realized how beneficial it is for their health.

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