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The Math of Moringa – the Numbers Reveal the Truth

Superfood! Do you really think there can be something which can be classified as Superfood? And if so, what should it contain? Loads of proteins, or calcium, or iron or maybe potassium.

When you say ‘loads of,’ is there a specific number that defines this term?

We’ll now tell you about a ‘Superfood’ that has recommended dietary allowances of all of these and more, plus ZERO side effects. Impossible to believe? Well, you will have to read on to learn the truth.

Moringa – The God of Superfoods!

Moiringa is a plant-based product that has been used for hundreds of years across traditional communities in Asia and Africa for its unmatched superfood, feel good, look great properties. Yes, all that rolled into one!

Moringa is one of the rarest forms of vegetation that has edible leaves, bark, roots, fruits, flowers, sap, seeds and pods. And that’s not an exaggeration at all! What’s more, its consumption is completely safe for humans.

The Math of Moringa – Why Moringa Wins in Numbers

As beautiful as its name is, Moringa is probably the most amazing Superfood that you will ever come across. And you don’t have to trust me for my wordsthe numbers speak for themselves.

Moringa leaves are rich in vitamin C, A and B and proteins; and contain 300% more iron than spinach.

Compared gram to gram, Moringa interestingly contains four times more calcium than milk, seven times more vitamin C than oranges and three times the quantity of potassium than is found in bananas[1]!

There is More to Moringa than Mere Numbers

The daily intake of Moringa builds and boosts immunity, which is precisely the reason why it is prescribed commonly for AIDS patients.

It energizes the body naturally, while healing ulcers, reducing arthritis-induced pain, controlling cholesterol[2] and restricting tumors.

So, what do you think you will choose for your health? Allopathic drugs, loaded with chemicals or unreliable food supplements with umpteen promises but no substantiation?

Or, completely safe and natural, Moringa, proven for centuries for its Superfood properties? The decision is clear and yours to make today.



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