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Nutritional Powerhouse Moringa – Energy that Fuels your Day and your Life

We know that money fuels the economy and that gas powers our cars. But have you ever wondered what powers your life? Yes, it is love, and happiness, but there is something else that is tangible and extremely crucial for your body nutrition.

Your body requires various dietary components that work together to keep you healthy, fit and disease free. Some of these nutritional elements are required in miniscule quantities, but their lack or deficiency can be quite detrimental and will create huge health problems for you..

In the day-to-day stress of living, it is difficult to keep track of whether your diet is giving you all the necessary nutrition. Is there an alternative?

The answer is an emphatic YES and it is called MORINGA.

MoringaYour One-Stop Nutritional Source

Popularly referred to as the ‘miracle tree,’ Moringa is a powerhouse of nutrition like nothing else.

Studies are showing that Moringa contains large quantities of nutritional components such as vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that help keep your body in tip-top condition and prevent the onset of several diseases.

Proof for the Nutritional Properties of Moringa – Don’t Take My Word

I am super convinced of Moringa’s beneficial health effects. Read this post to know how my trust in and business with Moringa started.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here is proof.

Researchers in India (incidentally, Moringa is native to the Himalayan ranges in northwestern India) studied the effect of Moringa intervention in children with nutritional deficiencies.  During the 2-month study, the children were given Moringa leaf powder 2 times a day along with their regular diet. Reassessment of the children showed marked improvement in their nutritional status.

Click here to read the detailed study.

Moringa from Senyia – Moringa You can Trust

Our Senyia supplement comes to you from Moringa Oleifera plants that are naturally cultivated in the Dominican Republic.

We pick the leaves at the right stage (plucking them very early or too late most likely compromises their nutritional value). And the Senyia powder is flown to our Miami packaging and testing laboratories, ensuring minimal time in transit. This means that the Senyia capsules that come to you are brimming with quality and high nutrition, supporting your body to thrive on every level.

Buy Senyia capsules or powder today. Feel the energy flowing through you as Moringa delivers the needed nutrition that your body requires.

A marvelous powerhouse of nutrition – Moringa from Senyia.





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