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Immobilized with Arthritis? Senyia Can Help

Several types of inflammation of the joints manifests in our bodies as arthritis. It’s well known that arthritis is an extremely painful condition and besides the pain, patients have to endure the indignity and inconvenience of limited physical movement. Things that we take for granted – going for a jog or run, climbing up the stairs, driving to the grocery store, often become impossible. Your life can come to a complete and total standstill with arthritis.

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Use of Moringa in Arthritis

The miracle plant called Moringa has been found to be useful in managing the pain of arthritis and relieving the severity of the condition.

My mother experienced significant relief from her arthritis pain with Moringa and in fact this is what prompted me to set myself up as a promoter of Moringa. 

Benefits of Moringa in Arthritis

Though the results differ vastly with individuals, arthritis sufferers are experiencing significant alleviation in their symptoms with Moringa.  With arthritis, in the early morning, the joints become particularly stiff and sore, and getting out of bed can be an ordeal. Regular intake of Moringa capsules and/or powder before bed helps people to overcome this problem considerably.

Studies Supporting Moringa Use in Arthritis

The effectiveness of Moringa in dealing with arthritis stems from its proven anti-inflammatory properties.

Studies reiterate the anti-inflammatory effect of Moringa leaves.  Moringa is comprised of as many as 36 anti-inflammatory compounds. These compounds have been found to work by inhibiting the COX2 enzyme, and thereby suppressing the inflammation pathway. This is the exact mechanism of action exhibited by popular no-steroidal inflammatory agents like aspirin, ibuprofen etc…, which are commonly used in treatment of arthritis.

Because Moringa is a natural product, you get all the benefits of NSAIDs, without the associated side effects.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine undertook the process of sifting through the scientific research available on Moringa as well as the large volume of anecdotal evidence of the beneficial effects of Moringa in varied conditions. The University research paper acknowledges Moringa’s effectiveness in management of arthritis.

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Recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice daily. For Moringa powder, take 1-2 tablespoons mixed with water, yogurt or any drink of your choice. It is recommended to take the powder twice daily.

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