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Senyia Moringa – The Natural Answer to Pain: Live a Pain Free Life

If there is one thing we as humans would love to banish it would be pain. Though pain threshold, varies for each of us, there comes a point eventually, when pain becomes unbearable. “Blinded by pain”, ‘”immobilized by pain”, these are phrases that we commonly hear and maybe even use.

The chemical pathways of pain generation in the body are complex and using drugs to relieve pain can bring on other side effects.

Moringa offers a natural alternative to pain relief.

Pain Relief and Moringa

Moringa has been shown to contain caffeoylquinic acid, quercetin and kaempherol, which are proven inhibitors of the COX2 inflammation pathway. Inflammation is the root cause of pain. Since Moringa is able to prevent inflammation, it can provide pain relief. 

Though human studies have not been conducted, this study in rats established the helpful role of Moringa in treatment of acute and chronic inflammation.

Besides relieving arthritis pain, Moringa is also helpful in mitigating migraines, stomach pain and general aches and pains of the body.

Role of Moringa in Relieving Emotional Pain

Moringa helps in weight loss naturally. The glucosinolates present in it break down into isothiocyantes in the body, which are absorbed in the intestines.  These have a stimulating effect on metabolism which causes the body to burn calories faster. Though many don’t admit it, being teased about one’s weight is a major source of emotional pain.

Moringa and Yoga

The effects of Moringa perfectly complement those offered by Yoga. As a lifestyle choice, people practicing Yoga automatically gravitate towards natural remedies for various day-to-day health problems. And Moringa is the right answer.

Senyia Moringa, free from any synthetic or harsh chemicals, takes the purity of Moringa and works to keep your body and mind healthy and nourished. It boosts your energy for you to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

To live life pain free, use Senyia Moringa regularly. Keep your body rejuvenated by incorporating Yoga in your daily schedule. The combination is just perfect.

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