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Moringa Purifies Water, Moringa Purifies Life!

70% of your body is made up of water. One of your body’s and your life’s core necessities is water. Water is life. Life, after all, originated from water.  Which is why, today, it is important to keep our water pure and clean to further facilitate and sustain life.

And believe it to or not, Moringa, the miracle plant plays a role in purification of water too.

Many of us use chemical agents to purify water. But surely, there’s nothing purer than water made so by the Moringa plant, which is Nature’s gift to us. 

Moringa - Nature’s Gift for Pure Water

The seeds of the Moringa plant, the mature ones that is, play a vital role in purifying water.

You need to get rid of the shell casing around the seed. The proportion of seed kernels needed with respect water required to be purified is this -1 seed kernel for one litre. Of course, this changes if the water is more turbid than usual.

Grind the seeds to make a powder and with addition of water, little at a time, form a paste. Add more water to form a solution. Add this solution to the water you wish to purify.

Then run the water through a muslin cloth, stir the water rapidly and then slowly for longer and the impurities will settle at the bottom of the water container.

Do scientists recommend this method?

Scientists, after a lot of research support the fact that Moringa, can purify water to a certain extent. However they recommend that the water be further filtered for drinking or cooking. Moringa doesn’t rid the water of all pathogens, just enough of them to provide clean water.

Click here to know more about the findings of science in the process of purifying water with Moringa.

Yogis and Water

If you are a Yogi, you want your body to be touched only by natural and pure elements. You naturally gravitate away from chemicals and other synthetic agents. What could be purer than water to sustain your body?  And what could be a more natural way to get pure water than with Moringa?

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