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Right Nutrition to Combat Nail Fungus - Can Moringa help?

Do you frequently have to deal with nail fungus? Are you finding it difficult to fight it off? Fungi flourish in the upper, dead layers of skin and they particularly love nails. The sweaty dark areas like the area between your toes are a haven for fungi and they refuse to leave that haven irrespective of how much medication you use.

So what do you do? Do you bear the endless itching, skin weeping, red sores, and scaly skin?

Nutrition to Fight Nail Fungi

No, you do not have to. You should know that boosting your nutritional intake could actually help your body fight off a fungal infection easily. Overgrowth of yeast organism in the body causes nail fungus.  Refined foods such as sugar, pasta, white bread, etc. feed the yeast, and worsen the infection. One way to arrest this infection is to revamp your diet completely and make healthy eating choices. Moringa is a plant that contains a huge amount of natural vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Incorporating Moringa as part of your daily diet could help in 2 ways - it boosts your nutrition and offers you a wide range of vitamins and minerals to fight the infection. Also, Moringa boosts immunity, helping your body fight infection more effectively.

Senyia Moringa Oil to Fight Nail Fungus

According to studies, researchers noted that extracts from all parts of the Moringa tree actively inhibited the growth and proliferation of almost all kinds of bacteria and fungi.  One effective way to control nail fungi was with Moringa oil. The study showed that Moringa Oil contained more than 44 different bioactive compounds that inhibited the growth of the most common fungi found in human skin. According to the study, a topical or skin application of Moringa oil actually caused a morphological or cellular change in the fungal cell. The fungal cell membrane was irreversibly damaged and cell contents leaked out causing cell death.

Turn to the Natural Goodness of Moringa

Why do you want to use harmful antifungal drugs, creams, lotions, and potions when a natural product can deal with the nail fungus?  Turn to Senyia Moringa oil, which is cold pressed from Moringa seeds sourced from an eco-conscious farm in Santo Domingo under the most stringent quality conditions. Fresh Moringa oil is golden in color and has a fresh natural odor. It can be kept at room temperature for a very long time. Just massage the oil into the infected nails or paint it on the nail as many times as required in a day. The oil also has great moisturizing properties and it indirectly also makes skin smooth and healthy.

Get your fresh supply of  Senyia Moringa oil right now and watch help your skin combat against nail fungus.

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