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Four Lesser-Known Uses of Moringa

Moringa is a simple tree but it has proved to have multiple uses. The ordinary looking tree has nutritionally rich leaves, fruits and roots. In Africa and Asia, locals have long used Moringa leaves, and pods to supplement their nutrition. However, Moringa also has several supplementary uses in traditional African and Asian culture. Difficult to believe though it may be, Moringa has some key uses apart from its medicinal and nutritive benefits.

Here are 4 lesser known uses of Moringa

  1. Water Purification

Moringa tree seeds have a very strong antibacterial property. African natives use the seeds to purify water by adding powdered Moringa seedpods to water. About 50mg to 150mg of Moringa powder can treat one liter of water and even soften the water and make it potable. Apparently, researchers at the University of Leicester noted that powdered Moringa was as effective as commercial water purifiers or commercial chemicals used to purify water.

  1. Fertilizer

The seedcake left over from processing Moringa for oil is commonly used to as a fertilizer.

  1. Biofuel

Researchers are actively looking into Moringa as a source of fuel. North American Biofuels Inc. has actively been looking into Moringa as a Biofuel source. It is estimated over the next five decades, Japan and Korea will actively start using Moringa oil as a supplementary fuel.

  1. Moringa Uses around the World

Moringa is used extensively in Indian Ayurvedic medicine as a natural antibiotic. Omani villagers also use Moringa pods to treat stomach problems. The locals also use Moringa oil to perfume body and hair. In Haiti, the locals boil Moringa flowers in water to kill bacteria and to serve as a treatment for the common cold. Malawi natives use powdered Moringa leaves to treat diarrhea and stomach problems.

As you can see, Moringa offers several benefits apart from its nutritive and medicinal value. And when you want to take advantage of the nutritious benefits of Moringa, all you have to do is find a pure source of Moringa. So, why search everywhere when you can find everything you want at We source our Moringa from a eco-conscious, natural and volcanic farm in Santo Domingo. Visit our website and take your pick from our range of supplements including el King Moringa powder, capsules, tea and oil for personal use.

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