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Treating Dry Skin: Use Moringa-Based Products

Most of us work in a climate-controlled environment. Office workers spend anywhere from six to ten hours in an air-conditioned or heated environment all through the year. This kind of dry treated air can play havoc on skin and hair resulting in long term damage.  

This problem is particularly true n the case of airline staff and stewardesses who spend their entire careers in the low humidity environment of aircrafts and aircraft terminals. As they move from one temperature area to another, they are also exposed to varying climates, humidity levels, and temperature fluctuations. This can result in skin conditions that can drastically affect a staff member’s career progression. In fact, it’s not unusual for airlines to ground crew members until they reach acceptable physical and visual standards.  

Dealing With Dry Skin in a Climate-Controlled Environment 

Most airline staff members use the best moisturizers possible to ensure that their skin remains hydrated and fresh at the terminal and during the long-haul flights. In fact, Emirates stewardesses stated that it was absolutely necessary to use moisturizers and hydration sprays during flights to ensure proper skin hydration while traveling.  

However, the fact remains that there is no need to use an expensive moisturizer. Almost all moisturizers contain emollients which are responsible for drawing moisture into skin and making it soft, supple and smooth. Most emollients are made from vegetable or animal sources. However, in these modern times, vegetable products like Moringa oil seem like much better skin moisturizing options than synthetic or animal sources 

Benefits of Moringa Oil over Any Other Kind of Moisturizer  

To save money, most manufacturers use synthetic emollients in their products but the long term effects of such chemicals on skin are not known. Moringa oil provides a healthy, green, but completely effective moisturizing property that could prove to be much better than synthetic compounds. Fresh oil of Moringa contains cytokinins that delay the process of aging, retard cell deterioration, and slow down cell death.   

Moringa also contains phenolic compounds like kaempferol, gallic, quercetin, ellagic, rutin, chlorogenic and ferulic acid that prevent the breakdown of skin collagen and ensure healthy, plump and hydrated skin. The vitamins present in Moringa oil also act as humectants and draw water into the same skin collagen bundles creating fresh healthy looking skin.   

So why wait; invest in good-quality Moringa oil from Senyia to ensure that your skin remains healthy and beautiful no matter what type of environment you work in. Apply fresh Moringa oil twice a day after a hot bath and you could see a significant difference over time.

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