Does Moringa Prevent Cancer?

The Moringa oleifera plant is one of Nature’s miraculous gifts. Enriched with vitamins, proteins, antioxidants and many more nutrients that heal and bring good health, Moringa provides a natural way to live healthy.

The therapeutic properties of Moringa have been established for several chronic conditions like arthritis, blood pressure, and diabetes.

Does Moringa have a role to play in cancer treatment and prevention too? Read on to find out.


Moringa and Cancer

Among Moringa’s many benefits, one of its most impressive qualities is its supposed ability to help prevent cancer. This study shows that Moringa leaf has high antiproliferative properties and thus can be considered as a therapeutic agent for cancer. A large variety of medicinal plants exhibit anti-cancer properties, and Moringa oleifera has long been known to have value in tumor therapy.

This article published in the prestigious Trees for Life Journal cites various studies that have established the cancer preventive properties of Moringa. One particular study conducted on mice showed that ingestion of Moringa extract resulted in dramatic reduction in papillomas associated with skin tumors.

Human studies that establish beyond a doubt the anti-cancer properties of Moringa are not available yet. But the role of Moringa in this direction cannot be disregarded and it is only a matter of time before more specific studies emerge.

Cancer Care Beyond the Medication

Cancer, being an illness that can overwhelm you, calls for immense endeavors to bring peace to your mind and body. Yoga can help your body deal with cancer better, with its exercises and postures that take away stress and bring compete relaxation to the mind and body.

While cancer may not always be preventable or curable, it is tragic to watch a loved one go through the symptoms of this illness. 

Treat your dear ones to the health benefits of Moringa today. Who knows, you could be driving away an illness by giving them an opportunity to build a stronger immune system and keep their body and mind healthy.

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