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The Benefits of Amino Acids for Anti-Aging

Beautiful skin, shiny hair, and firm muscles are an indicator of youth and good health. However, age can adversely the human body. The effects of aging are felt in the form of sagging skin, dull hair, and weaker muscles. Aging is inevitable, but you can, and should delay the effects of aging as much as possible. According to studies, the right mix of amino acids can act as an internal repair treatment and delay the external effects of age.   

How Do Amino Acids Work? 

Amino acids are derived from proteins. The body requires 20 different amino acids to maintain the human body. Out of these 20 amino acids, the liver manufactures 11 amino acids and they are called non-essential amino acids. The other nine amino acids are called essential amino acids and are derived from dietary protein. When proteins are consumed, body cells extract these vital amino acids and use them for different body functions like repair and regeneration.  

However, studies have shown that as we age, cell functions, cell division and new cell formation decreases. At this stage, most doctors do recommend a high-protein diet but studies have shown that aging body cells become resistant to the effects of post-prandial or dietary amino acids. Instead, a study has shown that daily amino acid supplementation for three months can result in increased muscle synthesis and lean body mass formation in adults 

Getting the Perfect Balance of Amino Acids 

Clinical studies have shown that older adults can definitely benefit from higher amounts of quality amino acids in their diet. According to the Institute of Medicine, the recommended daily allowance of amino acids for adults is 0.8gms per kilogram of body weight. This comes to roughly 58gms for an adult of 160 pounds 

Most adults do consume this in their daily diet in the form of meat, eggs and protein but a concentrated plant-based source of amino acids like Moringa is better. Senyia products contain the dried leaves of the Moringa Oleifera tree. The tree is famous for its nutritional value and studies have shown that the dried leaves contain 18 different amino acids that are vital for body health. Adding this supplement to your diet could provide a vital boost of amino acids, without the problems associated with extra protein intake. 

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