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A Fascinating Journey from Leaf to Moringa Capsules: A Look at the Senyia Story

When an 82-year-old patient says, “I had arthritis pain in my ankles and feet. Later, I was recommended a bottle of Moringa capsules, and within three days my pain had disappeared and after 30 days, I feel very energized and happy," does this mean that Moringa truly with its magical powers dwindles all your pains? Yes, it does. How? The fascinating journey from leaf to supplement will tell you all. Let’s have a look at Senyia’s story.


A 100% natural and chemical-free organic farm Nicaragua is the land where we source the highly-nutritional plant, Moringa. The Moringa Oleifera seeds are sowed in a natural and volcanic soil. Thanks to its versatility, the tree can be grown around the year and in any tropical climate.


Once the leaves are ready, our partners make sure that Moringa leaves is grind as a purified product, so that in the initial phase we maintain the quality. These leaves are washed in clean purified water. They are rinsed three times to get the quality that you deserve. At this stage the damaged leaves are also discarded ensuring that Senyia products hold their content.


To drain all the water from the leaves, we spread them on trays and leave them to dry. As the sun destroys all the nutritive value of the leaves, our partners use sealed drying facilities. The leaves are dried in a well-ventilated facility and take 4-6 days to dry. And, there we have completely dried, brittle and crisp leaves ready to mill.


The leaves are crushed in the mill. The fresh, pure, natural and chemical free powder is the end result of all the work.


For those who are in the run, Senyia capsules are absolutely for you. The fine powder is poured in the veggie capsules which contain 100% Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder (625 mg/capsule). Senyia capsules bring you the natural goodness of Moringa in a pure and unadulterated form. Your body will thank you for it.

Our journey from sourcing Moringa seeds to presenting the final capsules is done all for you. Did we hear you say, Senyia is the solution for all your aches?

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