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Run those Extra Miles on Pure Nutrition with Senyia

Moringa oleifera is well-known around the world for its tremendous nutritional value. Almost every part of the tree can be used to improve health, boost the immune system, and regulate blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels. Nutraceutical companies now offer Moringa supplements, teas, oils, and soaps that are perfect for personal use.

Moringa is used by athletes as well to boost their health, ensure tissue repair, rejuvenate joints, and help in muscle building. In fact, runners can benefit the most with Moringa supplements. Runners need to build their endurance levels for long-distance races. They usually do this by improving their cardiovascular capacity, boosting nutrition, and ensuring optimum blood sugar regulation. Moringa is the one-step solution to all these issues.

Moringa for Runners

Research has shown that Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients that are ideal for athletes. The leaves contain several vitamins and minerals, more than 46 different antioxidants, and valuable amino acids.

Apart from these valuable ingredients, Moringa contains precious cytokinins like zeatin, dihydrozeatin and isopentyladenine. These compounds can stimulate cell division and build muscle and speed up muscle repair.  

Moringa also contains antioxidants like quercetin and kaempferol that could reduce cell damage, improve cardiac and circulatory functions, and regulate blood sugar levels.

Another valuable ingredient in Moringa is plant sterols. Moringa contains beta-sitosterol, a hormone that can prevent cholesterol formation and absorption into the body. At the same time it can also boost the immune system and regulate the body’s defense system against sports-related injuries.

Moringa to Boost Your Performance and Health

Running is a high-impact sport and runners can experience serious injuries that cause cumulative damage after a few years. However, Moringa could help to mitigate some of these effects and ensure better overall health.

Runners can start their day with Moringa tea that provides a tremendous energy boost for workouts. Two or four capsules of Moringa could sustain the boost through the day and Moringa oil could be rubbed onto joints to keep them supple and smooth for competitions. Just make sure you find a pure source of Moringa like Senyia and you could literally be putting yourself on the winners’ stand.

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