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Senyia - Nature’s Way to Keep You in Business on the Baseball Field

 Moringa is a highly nutritious plant with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemical compounds that can help the body in several different ways. Moringa supplements, in particular, have proven to be highly effective as a sports supplement for athletes like baseball players.

Potential for Vital Sports Nutrition

In 2001, there were more than 2.5 million baseball players in the US. Over 99% of these players started playing at the pre-school level and continued playing at a professional or non-professional level. On an average, baseball players play more than 70 games per year and this requires an extensive amount of training all through the year.

Most baseball players follow an exhaustive physical fitness regimen that focuses on speed, strength, and power. The routine also includes optimum nutrition to ensure a healthy body and to enhance the workout regimen. Players follow a protein, carbohydrate, and fat-rich diet plan with additional sports supplements and sports drinks to ensure hydration and overall health.

However, these sports supplements and sports drinks contain synthetic ingredients. As a result, it’s a far better idea to use a natural supplement like Moringa that works in the same way.  Every part of the Moringa tree is rich in nutrients and minerals. Experts agree that the Moringa tree contains more than 90 bio-active ingredients, 27 vitamins, and 46 antioxidants. Along with these ingredients, the supplement also contains eight essential amino acids and minerals that can increase physical energy, boost mental health, ensure emotional balance, and reduce inflammation.

Moringa: As a Sports Supplement

Unlike synthetic supplements, Moringa capsules and Moringa powder contain pure, powdered Moringa leaves. Similarly, Moringa oil is cold pressed from the Moringa seeds and it has substantial anti-inflammatory properties that could help with sports-related injuries, sore joints and painful muscles.

Athletes can take two to four capsules of Senyia a day, apply Moringa oil in sore muscles and sip Moringa tea for maximum benefits. All Senyia products help reduce pain from injuries, prevent illness, and ensure complete nutrition for maximum performance.

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