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Calcium and Vitamin D Deficiencies: A World Issue?

Calcium is extremely important in growing children as it necessary for bone formation. At the same time, calcium is vital in adults as it plays an important roles in muscle contraction and transmission of sensory messages in the nervous system. However, calcium deficiencies are a global problem. A deficiency of calcium will result in darker skin, mood problems, weaker bones and osteoporosis, heart diseases, digestive problems, and heavy sweating.

What Can Be Done?

For minor deficiencies, calcium supplements are the ideal solution. Based on age, an average of 700 mg/day to 1,300 mg/day is ideal. Synthetic calcium is readily available but you can, and is recommended that you supplement your diet with a natural source of calcium like King Moringa.

Why Moringa?

Moringa Oleifera is a tree that naturally grows in Asia, Africa and many tropical countries. The tree is known for its nutritional value and it contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and essential bioactive compounds. At the same time, the tree contains a huge amount of natural calcium as well. According to studies, Moringa leaves could provide as much as three times the amount of calcium found in spinach and sweet potato. According to the same study, the calcium contained in Moringa leaves was more available and digestible than any other vegetable source. The study showed that the calcium content of Moringa leaves was 1553 mg/100g. This meant that Moringa can provide enough calcium per day for an average man, a pregnant woman, or a child. 64g of dried Moringa is enough to provide the recommended 700 mg/day to 1,300 mg/day RDA of calcium. Considering that Moringa is cost effective, readily available and pure, it could be added to the diet of anyone suffering from calcium deficiency.

Finding a Good Source

The Moringa tree is now available in tropical countries, like the Dominican Republic. It is a fresh natural source of Moringa cultivated and grinded into powdered by Senyia. The Moringa is flown in, tested and packaged in the USA. Senyia offers Moringa capsules, Moringa tea and Moringa oil to boost your overall health.

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