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Phenylalanine +Tyrosine: The Perfect Mix to Reduce Muscle or Joint Pain

A couple of weeks ago I made a promise to send an article on what every essential amino acid does. In keeping my promise, this week article is about Phenylalanine +Tyrosine. By now we have learned that amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Phenylalanine +Tyrosine support healing your body by regulating mood swings, helping memory, decreasing muscle and joint pain, and decreasing pain from arthritis.

For those who play sports, engage in martial arts or spiritual practices such as yoga muscle or joint pain is an ongoing experience. I have good news, it is time to say good-bye to your muscle, joint and arthritis pain!

You might be wondering, how? Well, let me introduce my favorite item from all Senyia products, Moringa Oil.

From my personal experience, I can say I am a little clumsy, so I either I fall or get hit with something when I exercise.. Therefore, I get bruises or muscle pain. When this happens, I immediately apply Senyia Moringa Oil where I have the pain or the bruise.

Within minutes (sometimes within 24 hours) the pain or the bruise is gone. The oil absorbs quickly into your skin and you will not even notice that is there. There is nothing better to reduce pain and bruises in a natural way than Senyia Moringa Oil.


Senyia Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil is air freighted from our sourced farms in temperature-controlled packages directly to our temperature-controlled USA packaging facility. We guarantee Senyia, which stands for Serenity, Energy, Natural, Yogic, Integral and Aliveness of all our products.  In addition, you will benefit from all the following:

  • Free from GMO’s, Additives & Caffeine
  • Moringa Gives Body Complete Nutrition
  • 18 Amino Acids, 36 Anti-Inflammatories, 46 Anti-Oxidants, Minerals, Vitamins

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